Friday, October 7, 2011

Blog Break!

Asleep At The Switch?

It's been a while since my last post.  I've not been asleep at the switch or given up on blogging, but just taking a blog break.  My job has been requiring more of me and my time this past month and will continue to.  

A Break But Not A Vacation

Although I haven't been blogging we've certainly have been busy.  The list of topics I want to post on is growing.  Recently I starting to do transports for AHeinz57 Rescue and Midwest Border Collie Rescue (MWBCR).  A transport removes dogs and cats from shelters, puppy mills and even homes and moves them to no kill shelters, foster homes and rescue groups. It's been such a wonderful experience and I can't wait to share my stories with you and hear your stories.  If you have the opportunity to do a transport, you won't regret it.  As much as I enjoy the transport, it doesn't come without a lot of emotions.

The True Dogs are doing well.  Rue has been working hard to get ready to start competing in agility  (hopefully next year.)  We have some work to do, but we are really enjoying the learning process.  Chico has been doing herding lessons and is showing a lot of promise.  He has a lot of self control issues but is improving every lesson.  

My last post discussed the success we had been having using Nurti-Calm supplement to assist with Chico's reactivity.  Sadly it stopped working shortly after my last post.  In addition Chico was waking up barking in the night.  It's hard to say if that was correlated to the supplement or something unrelated.  Since ending the Nurti-Calm the night barking has ended.  As disappointing as it is that the supplement stopped working, we haven't lost hope and I'm exploring other supplements that I believe could help Chico with his reactivity.  I'll post more about this supplement soon.  Stay tuned!

Photo Shoot

Here is a couple pictures from our recent adventures.  

Chico cooling off after herding 

Rue and her favorite ball at the lake  

Chico doing a down/stay.... Good boy!

 Rue jazzed up to do the bar jump!

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