Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall's Failures

"You May Be Disappointed If You Fail, But You Are Doomed If You Don't Try"  Beverly Sills

In order to be successful we must fail.  According to Merriam-Webster dictionary to "fail" is to fall short or be unsuccessful.  We all fail at things, sometimes our failures are bigger and more public than others.  In fact we probably fail at something everyday.  In my last post Blog BreakI discussed that the herbal supplements and acupuncture that once had helped with Chico's reactivity simply stopped working.  It was disappointing, especially because I so wanted it to help aid in Chico's reactivity.  I don't believe the supplements worsened Chico's reactivity, I just didn't see any difference.  In addition, Chico would randomly bark in the middle of the night.  After hearing Chico's bark I would get out of bed and come to where he was barking, he would simply be sitting barking.  It was very odd.  Chico has a tendency to bark in the night if something is amiss or someone is walking by our home.  This was enough for me to stop giving Chico the supplement.  

"There Is No Failure Expect In No Longer Trying" Elbert Hubbard

I've made the decision to publicly discuss Chico's reactivity in hopes of helping others.  Having a reactive dog can be exhausting and frustrating yet at times rewarding, but a battle none the less.  Many people might ask why I insist on trying option after option to aid in helping Chico's reactivity when outside his reactivity he leads a happy and full life.  The answer is simple.  When Chico is having a reactive moment to something, he is panicked, stressed, and unable to cope.  I want to help him be able to handle situations when he feels overwhelmed.  

Over a month ago I started Chico on L-Theanine under the brand name Anxitane.  Check out the dosing instructions for your dog or cat by visiting Vet RX Direct's website.  The manufacture recommends that this supplement be taken twice daily for a minimum of 2 months.

Following the manufacturer's instructions I can't report an instant change in Chico's reactivity, however, we have found a happier and calmer Chico.  Chico's tail is in a constant state of wagging and has been more affectionate since starting the supplement.  Family members have noted the more loving boy who can't seem to get enough snuggle time in.  Redirecting a reactive moment appears to be less intense and over a shorter time.  Instead of the barking/lunging starting when he sees the biker down the block it only lasts as the biker passes directly.  We are continuing to use behavior modification techniques in addition to L-Theanine.  

To date, I'm pleased with results from using Anxitane.  We plan to continue the supplement, and I promise to update you along the way.  Many people go to extensive measures to help improve their dogs lives.  What have you done to try and help your four legged bud live a fuller life emotionally or physically?  


  1. I can definitely attest to Chico's calmer manor. The touch you have taught him seems to help also. Wish we could get up there more and see all 5 of you! Great blog Amy!! xoxo

  2. Very helpful and informative blog Amy. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.