Sunday, January 8, 2012

A True Dog Series: Disregarded Dogs, Rising Above

Part 2 of 3: Disregarded Dogs

As I discussed in Chico's story in Part 1 of 3 Disregarded Dogs, Rising Aboveanimal abuse and neglect is prevalent throughout the United States, from small towns, big cities, and middle class neighborhoods. The subject of abuse and neglect is incredibly tragic and difficult to discuss. However, if our hope is to someday end animal abuse, then bringing that hope to reality requires us to face this tough subject matter head on. Look at it, and learn from it. 

Our society has created the most over-bred dog in recent years, the pit bull. Out of 600 pit bulls that enter into various shelters, only 1 will be adopted. The thought of 599 out 600 dogs never making it out of shelters is shocking and heartbreaking.  Recently, I had the opportunity to meet one lucky dog.  Hockey is the 1 out of 600 dogs that made his way from Chicago Animal Control into Illinois Doberman Rescue (Plus). Prior to being adopted, 9 month old Hockey, has experienced  pain, and turmoil that no living creature should have to endure. Hockey was placed in a high risk home that couldn't take care of him. Due to neglect, Hockey did not receive the veterinarian care he needed, became severely malnourished, underweight, developed large open sores, and demodectic mange.

Although mange can be debilitating to a dog it is not normally contagious from dog to dog.  In fact, all dogs carry the tiny mite, demodex canis, that can cause mange.  The mite only becomes a problem when a dog's immune system is compromised and the mite is able to increase in numbers there by overrunning the dog's defense system. It's unknown how Hockey developed the swollen open sore on his front leg.  It could have been an injury, or the sore could been a consequence of neglect compiled with Hockey's weakend immune system. 

Hockey pictured shortly after he arrived at Chicago Animal Control

Hockey shortly after coming to IDR+

 Hockey available for adoption as soon as he is healthy through

Rising Above

Although Hockey has suffered so much in his short life, his story is changing from that of tragedy to that of success and triumph. Hockey is beginning to rise above. Since coming into rescue Hockey has gained weight and now weighs 45 pounds. His mange is improving with the three demodex dips he has received. His coat is filling in a beautiful blue and white color.  The demodex sores on his nose are slowly healing.  The open swollen sore on his front leg is healing well with the assistance of antibiotics.  He currently is on restricted exercise routine to aid with the healing process of his front leg.  Just in the last week, Hockey has had a boost in energy and would prefer to play more than his foster mom will agree too.  His appetite is wonderful and that too is aiding in his recovery. Hockey and his foster mom will be starting a Basic Clicker Class (a positive training method) to help Hockey learn some basic obedience. Although it's obvious that Hockey has endured severe neglect, he doesn't display any behaviors characteristically seen in abuse or dog fighting cases. He's a happy and friendly guy who would love to meet you!

I've always known that there were far more pit bulls in shelters than other breeds.  Just walk into any shelter and you will find many pit bulls and pit bull mixes. However, I must admit, I didn't realize how overpopulated our shelters are with these misunderstood dogs. 

What can we do decrease the population of this breed in our already overcrowded shelters and rescues? I'm thankful Hockey is safe now in a loving foster home.  He's receiving the love and care that every true dog deserves.

You can see the swollen open sore on puppy Hockey's front leg 

Looking for a True Dog?

So far Hockey is proving to be a wonderful true dog.  He is crate trained, he knows his name, he is potty trained (sometimes his puppy brain forgets in the excitement of play) he is a snuggle bunny, and very gentle. He loves human companionship. Hockey is becoming very good on a leash, and loves playing with people and dogs. 

If you are looking to add a True Dog to your pack, Hockey might be the right fit.  Hockey will be available for adoption as soon as he is healthy. Follow this link for more information on giving Hockey a loving home. Illinois Doberman Rescue (Plus).

 Hockey available for adoption as soon as he is healthy through

Next week, I am looking forward to sharing the final story in the the true dog series. I know you'll find this last dog inspiring.  Together, with knowledge and action,  we can all do our part to end animal abuse and neglect.  We will rise above. 


  1. I hope Hockey finds a good home! He's a cute dog and shows promise:=) Love your writings Amy!! Deanna

  2. Thanks Deanna! Hockey is a sweetie, he will make someone very happy... In time his coat is going to be stunning. We can't wait to follow his story!