Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working Dog Wednesday

Wonderful Weather

The weather has been amazing here in the Midwest. The dogs are enjoying it as much as I have. The downfall to the warm weather is the amount of people, dogs and bikers that are out.  If you own a fearful or reactive dog, you find peace in the winter months.  Although we freeze in the miserable weather, it is amazing to watch our fearful dogs blossom in the tranquility of silence brought on by snow and winter.  Hopefully some of the peace from the winter follows us into the spring and summer months.

Since the weather has been wonderful, I've not been writing much.  The dogs want to be out and about hiking, running, doing agility and for the first time in over a month, Chico got to work sheep.  I've also been busy recording reactivity research I'm doing with Chico. The research is going great, it has really shown me how far Chico has come.  This research has forced me to analyze our encounters to his reactivity triggers (bikers, runners and other reactive dogs.) I feel I'm much more observant of his body language and threshold when encountering triggers today than I was a month ago.  I can't wait to fill you in on it.  More to come soon!

So rather than a long post... I thought I would post some fun pictures of my city dog turned weekend working dog.

Border Collie, Chico working sheep

Border Collie, Chico taking a break from working sheep

Ahhhhhh....... Refreshing

Happy Border Collie

Really, what can I say?

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  1. Wow - beautiful pictures of Chico drinking! best wishes, Karen @ collars-4-dogs