Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Do you have an onion?


  1. Like you, I LOVE my onion. 4 1/2 year-old Golden Retriever Rex, rescued at age 2 1/2 to be a furever part of our little family. Wonderful in every way, he struggles with significant leash-reactivity. 2 years on, we have made good progress, but it's unlikely we'll ever be participating in dogapalooza walks, or the like. People's reactions are always comical (in a sad sort of way) "Well. REAL Goldens DON'T ACT LIKE THAT! Goldens are always NICE"...blah, blah, blah. However, I am mightily proud of the progress we've made, and how hard he works to learn new skills and overcome old fears. He has opened my eyes to the ways dogs see their world, and made me passionate about our partnerships with them. Rex may think he got a pretty good forever home, but I think we are the lucky ones.
    Keep sharing your journey! I love your blog and learn from you, too.
    ~Jeanne & Bob & Rex

  2. Jeanne, Bob & Rex:
    So glad to hear about you working through some bumps in the road with your Golden Boy. People say some amusing and sometimes hurtful things, and I've often been surprised by the comments. But we know the "Trues" about our dogs. Some of the best gifts we receive from our dogs are the challenges that face them, and how we help them overcome them.
    Thanks for reading, and we will continue to share.